aca7a8c5f07d01016b0f6a7067002d28The Russian ruble accelerated its fall on Tuesday amid a renewed decline in the price of the country’s valuable oil exports. The currency was down more than 4 percent in afternoon trading in Moscow, at around 66 rubles per dollar. The ruble hit a record low of 80 per dollar in mid-December before recovering a bit, but it has been steadily falling since the start of the year. The sale of oil is Russia’s main revenue earner, so the months-long slump in energy markets has weighed on the country’s economic outlook and markets. The price of Brent crude, an international variety of oil, has plunged from $115 a barrel in June to around $47 a barrel on Tuesday. Western sanctions over Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine have also hurt the country’s markets, with the currency’s fall among the more striking developments. Last year, the ruble was the world’s worst performing currency along with the Ukrainian hryvnia. More