Food-Prices-Rocket-Headline-Newspaper-PrintAs ugly as the current collapsing economy in Russia is already, it might be about to get a whole lot uglier — and much more dangerous, both for average Russians and the world. Up to this point, most of the world’s and media’s focus has been on the economics of the Russian currency collapse, which has been fed largely by a rapid decline in oil prices (fully half of Russia’s GDP is dependent upon energy sales) and Western-led sanctions for Moscow’s military aggression in Crimea and Ukraine. Also, many geopolitical analysts have been keeping an eye on Russian President Vladimir Putin, and have tried to predict what he might do. But, as Zero Hedge — a financial news website — has noted, most of the economic fallout has impacted the country’s wealthy and elite, as there is virtually no middle class there. But that may be about ready to change. More