35647.siThe Russian military is putting the finishing touches to its very own heavy military UAV. The drone is part of a wider modernization effort, with the cutting-edge flagship S500 missile system coming in 2017. The drone “already exists,” according to Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov. The heavy UAV, created in cooperation with the Federal Security Service (FSB), will perform “a variety of tactical, operational and strategic tasks,” said Borisov, but he didn’t give any further details such as the name of the vehicle. The Russian government is expected to release several innovations and upgrades in the near future, as part of defense modernization. Borisov mentioned at least four current projects, now “in their final stages of development.” The country’s latest state-of-the-art air defense system currently at the research and development stage – the S500 – will also appear in 2017, the deputy defense minister told RSN radio. It is an advanced version of its predecessor – the S400 and is designed to lock on to and intercept multiple ballistic missiles in seconds. It possesses the ability to operate at an altitude of up to 124 miles. More