Skies-open-with-light-David-Tomic-FlickrWhat would you do if you woke up with a robber pointing a gun to your head? If you are anything like the 91-year-old great grandmother in Horn Lake, Mississippi, you would rebuke that devil-inspired criminal and make him flee. The granny, who asked to keep her name out of the news, woke up early Saturday morning facing an armed man who seemed ready to send her home to heaven. “He says, ‘Stay put. I’m not through with you,'” she told KCTV5. “He said something about, ‘You know, I could shoot your brains out.'” “I said, ‘You do know where you’d go. I’m going to a better place. I’m going to heaven. You’re going to hell.” For all her boldness, the granny admits the moment was tense. Perhaps the Bible verses and religious pictures that adorn the walls of her home inspired her to exercise faith in prayer during this life-threatening trial. More