A_Rare_Green_Comet_Is-99dfa473a6c744184deaf520fcfef7d7There’s a comet visible with the naked eye in the northern night skies. Comet Q2 Lovejoy showed up right before New Year’s and will remain with us until the end of January, but then won’t be seen again for another 8,000 years. Observers in the northern hemisphere will be able to see the comet most nights during the month of January, as long as the moon isn’t too bright. Some of the prime observing nights start on Jan. 7 and will last through Jan. 21.  When it’s 44 million miles away, the comet will be at its closest approach to Earth. This will take place on Jan. 7 and that’s when it will shine brightest in the night sky, according to Sky and Telescope. Don’t fret if it’s overcast where you are — it will continue to shine bright through to Jan. 21. Australian amateur astronomer, Terry Lovejoy, discovered the comet in August and it’s the fifth comet he’s found since 2007. The comet is not just attracting astronomers, however. Its beauty is also a target for photographers like Justin Ng who took the photo above, featured onSpace.com, on Dec. 29 in Singapore. And astro-photographer Dieter Willasch, based in Germany, who recently took the image of the comet at the top of this post. More