Radiation-Seafood-Symbol-ContaminatedThe inherent dangers of nuclear radiation are once again on display after officials in Scotland found contaminated fish some 80 miles away from the closest nuclear plant. Scotland’s Daily Record paper reports that nuclear waste released from a Cumbrian reprocessing site made its way into fish swimming off the coast of Dumfriesshire, located several driving hours away. Even though the Sellafield nuclear station is located a considerable distance to the south of Dumfriesshire, and well away from the coastline, nuclear radiation is somehow making the trek and affecting sea life, which in turn affects humans. Fish-eaters in the Dumfriesshire are believed to have the highest exposure to radiation from the plant, even though they live nowhere near it. According to the Daily Record, the radiation levels being detected are below what European Union standards consider safe. But the sheer distance that this radiation is traveling has put some up in arms over an energy production technology that, despite industry claims to the contrary, is clearly a major public health threat. More