eye-of-storm-adamo-photographyflickrFor the Lord would say, “You feel at times you do not have the strength to get through your day. At times, you are so stressed and you feel, ‘Lord, I just want to come aside, but my life and everything around me feels like a swirl. I feel like I live in a swirl.'” But the Lord would say, “My children, I will put you in the eye of the storm.” “There are moments of every day when you awaken and you’re just telling Me you love Me, or you’re going to sleep and you’re just giving Me the burdens of your heart. Know that I am with you. Know that I am hearing you. There are times when there are so many frustrations and they pile in upon you. And there are so many things that seem to come at you from everywhere, that you cannot even seem to sort out your feelings. But I never stopped listening to you, child. I never ignore you. I hear every whisper. I see every need. And know this: I care about you. I care about your frustrations. I care about your stress. I care about your needs. I care about your finances. I care about children. I care about school. I care about aging parents. I care,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “Today, as you’re hearing Me, let Me lift the heavy burden. Let Me lift it off of your shoulders. My burden is easy. Children, there is no burden I cannot carry. There is nothing too much for Me to answer. There is nothing too great that I am not in the midst of You,” says the Lord. “So in the midst of this season and all the many, many things going on in your life, know that I am always there, walking with you every day, listening to you every morning,” says the Lord. More