1016809680Browsing through military internet forums many were surprised to see in the Russian edition of Top Gear automobile magazine a snapshot of a super-secret Russian deep-diving sub. The photo, covering a test run of a Mercedes-Benz GL 450 to Arkhangelsk, shows a deep-water nuclear-powered AS-12 Project 10830 submarine, better known as Losharik. The photo was taken from the White Sea shore where the car was undergoing an off-road test. Experts say this is the first good quality image of Losharik, one of this country’s top secret subs.  So nicknamed for the peculiar shape of its hull, which consists of several connected titanium spheres, Losharik, according to unconfirmed reports, can dive to 6,000 m. She carries various gear to collect geological data and samples from the seabed. Her first known mission with the Russian Northern Fleet was done at a depth of 3,000 meters at the Mendeleyev ridge in the Arctic. More