Pastor Was So Jaded By the Spiritual State of Churches That She Visited 47 Houses of Worship Looking for Answers — and Here’s What She FoundAfter working in ministry for nearly two decades, Sharon Bollum said that she found herself somewhat jaded by the spiritual state of the Christian church, wondering whether American houses of worship were really having a viable enough impact on believers’ lives. In fact, Bollum recently told TheBlaze that she had reached a point in which she would have been “surprised to find a healthy church” at all. But after embarking on a journey to visit 40 churches in just 40 weeks, her perspective changed, as she was left uplifted and armed with fascinating data about what successful churches are doing to create viable worship environments for congregants. “I used to be a full-time church pastor and … I started wondering if all of the work we were putting into these Sunday morning experiences … was resulting in people being more like Christ,” Bollum said, describing what launched her “40 Churches in 40 Weeks” journey. “And if we’re not accomplishing that, what’s missing, what can we do?” Bollum said she found herself running into people who she had known over the years who had changed churches, with some of them bouncing around numerous times in search of the right fit.  That dynamic further had her wondering what, exactly, was doing on in American churches — so she decided to dive deeper and to write a book about the subject. “[I was] trying to define what healthy church is and what are the red flags of an unhealthy church. Let’s face it — there were so many people who left church because they were hurt,” she said. “So I thought if [I] could help to define that for people, then how much more impact might we make in the world around us?” After writing a few chapters, Bollum, who said she planned to base the book on visits to churches around the U.S. to see which were doing ministry well and which needed to improve, spoke with a friend who had a contact at HBO. After hearing about the project, the HBO staffer suggested that Bollum record her interviews while on the nation-wide trip and turn them into a documentary — a suggestion she liked. More