Couple-talking-communicateLess than 40 percent of married couples say they are satisfied with their sex lives, and sex is the No. 1 reason married couples seek counseling. Many Christian couples feel isolated when they experience problems in the bedroom, because sex is often seen as a taboo topic in the church and most resources available only provide surface-level information. Craig Gross, author, speaker and founder of, X3watch and iParent.TV, noticed that many marriages around him were failing due to issues with sex. He partnered with Dave Willis, founder of, to provide a new video series, “Best Sex Life Now,” to allow couples to improve their sex life and build a stronger marriage. “Sex is an important part of marriage, and couples who have healthy sex lives generally have healthy marriages,” said Gross. “The church often glosses over the serious issues many couples have in the bedroom. There is so much opportunity to explore God’s intention for married couples to have great intimacy. We don’t claim to have all things figured out but if we can begin to get couples to have a conversation and talk openly about sex with each other, I believe we will see stronger, happier marriages.” More