o-FLORIDAUFOSIGN-570On Saturday night, several eyewitnesses in three Florida locations reported seeing unusual groups of lights in the sky, sometimes forming a gliding triangle pattern. At approximately 6:35 p.m., YouTube user Jennifer Schee saw three lights above a West Palm Beach, Florida, highway. The red arrows in the image above point to two of those lights behind a road sign. Schee posted a comment to the ufocaptor.com page, describing the bright aerial orbs that she videotaped on her phone. “I saw one first, then it disappeared over the ocean,” Schee wrote. “Then I saw the three in this video. Then there were two that came that I have in another video. Then another. Then another. They all followed the same path and they all disappeared over the ocean up in the sky, not down over the horizon.” Schee wasn’t alone during her sighting, and another eyewitness, Katelyn, commented on her similar observations about 13 miles north of West Palm Beach. More