425D70C8-8E32-4B3D-8936-5C9C6DAFFE7E_mw1024_s_nAfter a tumultuous two weeks of terror and emotional responses in Europe, British Prime Minister David Cameron is in Washington to meet with President Obama, largely about security and cyber issues. On Friday, they used a joint news conference to show off the strengths of their “special relationship” to the press. Obama kicked off his opening statement explaining just why he reportedly calls Cameron “bro.” Why so casual? “Put simply, David is a great friend,” Obama said Friday.  “Great Britain is our indispensable partner,” Obama said. “And David has been personally an outstanding partner.” Cameron, in his opening statement, called Obama a “great friend to Britain and to me personally.” In addition to economic security, Cameron focused on terrorist organizations such as ISIS, and the domestic threats they inspire, calling their basis a “poisonous ideology.” More