King-300x300A number of residents from the city of King, North Carolina came together on Sunday to peacefully protest the removal of a veterans memorial in the city and to stand in solidarity in support of the display. As previously reported, in 2012, the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS), led by Barry Lynn, an attorney and licensed “minister” in the United Church of Christ, filed suit against the City of King on behalf of local Afghanistan war veteran Steven Hewitt. Lynn says that the memorial, which depicts a soldier kneeling before a cross, is unconstitutional. The site also features the Christian flag. “The United States Armed Forces are highly diverse,” he told the Stokes News. “To have a veterans’ memorial that only honors soldiers of one religion is not only a violation of the First Amendment, but also an insult to the memory of non-Christians who served their country.” “I proudly served alongside a diverse group of soldiers with a variety of different religious beliefs,” Hewitt added in a news release in November 2013. “The City of King should be honoring everyone who served our country, not using their service as an excuse to promote a single religion.” More