456503-natoNATO will be able to deploy forces on short notice – in any moment that an attack against one of its allies is launched – with its “high readiness spearhead force” in place for 2015. Troops from Netherlands, Norway and Germany were deployed to NATO’s eastern allies to provide “a very rapid response force” to be able to protect all allies against any threat, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told press in Berlin on Jan 14. Meanwhile, Russia had stationed 800 servicemen from its Northern Fleet in Alakurtti – just within 50 kilometres from the Finnish border – with the rest of the fleet to be deployed soon according to announcement made by Commanding Admiral Vladimir Korolev on Jan 13. Russia’s Northern Fleet in full force consists of approximately 3,000 ground troops, 39 war ships and 45 submarines, he said. NATO’s deployment of its “high readiness spearhead force” is part of a Readiness Action Plan that was hatched at the Wales Summit in September 2014. This action plan is a response to the challenges that NATO and its country allies have seen to the East where Russia has illegally annexed part of a neighbour’s territory – something that has not happened in Europe since World War Two, Stoltenberg said. More