Orichalcum-Metal-Alloy-Ingots-AtlantisA recent discovery of strange reddish metal ingots on a shipwreck 2,600 years old near Sicily has reignited interest in the historical existence of Atlantis. According to legend, Atlantis was a large landmass, placed by some in the middle of the Atlantic, that met geophysical misfortune and sunk beneath the sea. And according to this mythology, its people mined and used a rare reddish metal called orichalcum so much that the Greek philosopher Plato described how Atlantis glowed “with the red light of orichalcum.” Orichalcum metal has only been described in ancient texts and seen in very few ancient ornaments. The discovered ingots considered orichalcum are 75-80 percent copper. The ingots were recovered from an ancient shipwreck discovered by a recent Italian underwater archeological expedition lead by Professor Sebastiano Tusa. Among the few fragments of wood from the wreck, Greek vases and a terracotta figure of the goddess Demeter were also found. What has piqued Tusa’s curiosity most about the find is how it relates historically to Sicily and the port city of Gela on the southern shore of Sicily. More