muslims-to-hold-stand-with-the-prophet-mohammed-rally-in-garland-texas-january-17-2015“I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION.” – BARACK OBAMA

With the carnage and horror that took place in Paris at the hands of Islamic terrorists, one would hope that Muslims who disagree with this would finally speak out. One would hope… But instead, there is to be a “Stand With the Prophet in Honor and Respect” conference, a weekend forum that is being billed as a “movement to defend Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message,” according to event information.  All these accusations were invented by Islamophobes in America,” the group claims. “As we celebrate the Prophet in our now annual, nationwide event: Stand with the Prophet, we recommit ourselves to rectify his image, peace be upon him.” This annual event, filled with propaganda about Muhammad, should be rescheduled, in my opinion. Right now, this is an In Your Face to the entire world – still reeling from the terrifying events in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish Deli, which took 17 lives before the terrorists were done. More