Police-Security-Guard-Halt-StopA 24-year-old Pennsylvania mom says she was asked to leave a casino in Maryland after she was discovered breastfeeding her 7-week-old infant in the lobby on January 3. Alanna Panas explained that, at the last minute, she, her boyfriend and her father had decided to go to the casino after a family dinner. Her mother and sister volunteered to babysit while running errands, taking with them one bottle of pumped breast milk. After consuming the bottle, Panas’ infant daughter, Lilly, became fussy, prompting the mom and sister to bring the baby back so that she could be nursed. Panas said she met them in the lobby. “My mother and sister took Lilly for about an hour so my father, boyfriend and I could enjoy some time at the casino,” said Panas. It was Panas’ first time visiting a casino when Maryland’s Ocean Downs staff approached her and said that the casino rules are strict, and no one under the age of 21 years old is permitted on the gaming floor. They then asked her to exit the lobby. More