la-093905-he-0223-gordon3c-amc-jpg-20150117The measles outbreak that began at Disneyland during the holiday season is now spreading beyond people who contracted the disease at the theme park, with those patients now exposing others after they arrived back in their hometowns, health officials said Saturday. There are now 51 confirmed cases of the highly contagious virus across California, three other states and Mexico, and the Orange County Health Care Agency said the rapid rise in cases indicates “the measles outbreak will continue to spread.” Health officials had hoped to contain the outbreak to Disneyland guests who visited the park between Dec. 17 and 20, when the virus spread from perhaps a single infected person or an ill family. But Orange County is now reporting six new cases of measles involving people who did not visit the park during that period. State officials said there were two more such cases in Ventura County and one in Alameda County. More