pews-620x403A Christian church is continuing its battle for the unfettered right to rent New York City public school buildings to host worship services during non-school hours, with a conservative legal firm filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court that pushes back against the local government’s ban on such rentals. The Alliance Defending Freedom has asked the Supreme Court to review a U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit decision that upheld a city policy banning the use of public school buildings for church worship after school hours, according to a press release from the legal firm. The latest legal clash between the house of worship and the New York City government comes nearly one year after Mayor Bill de Blasio received praise from the faithful for seemingly coming to the rescue of houses of worship.  At the time, he pledged to overturn the ban that was previously adopted and upheld by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  “I believe that a faith-based organization has a right like anyone else … to use that space,” de Blasio said at the time, pledging to update city regulations to reflect that sentiment. But he never updated those rules, though the ban remains on hold while the Supreme Court decides whether it will hear a review of the appeals court ruling; the high court has rejected the case in the past, as Christianity Today reported. Beyond not updating the regulations, de Blasio’s administration also submitted a petition to the Supreme Court on January 12, claiming that the city’s policy is permissible and that it doesn’t impose “prohibition, restraint, or burden on religious exercise.” More