TripoliIn the aftermath of the jihadist massacres in France, much of the international focus has been on Yemen, Iraq and Syria as the planning and training centers for al-Qaida and ISIS.  However, lost in the much of the Western discussion has been the central threat located in Libya, where al-Qaida groups maintain bases and where the ISIS has been growing in strength. Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND say Libya is quickly taking the place of Yemen as a main headquarters for some of the world’s most dangerous international terrorist organizations. The U.S. and NATO in 2011 deposed the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, providing vast quantities of weaponry to rebels there. Some of the weapons reportedly fell into the hands of terrorist organizations. Islamic extremists control large swaths of Libya. On Monday, Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani warned in an interview that if the international community does not act soon, his country could become a dangerous haven for jihadists targeting Europe. More