197610DF000005DC-0-image-a-19_1421144521191Less than half of U.S children under the age of 18 live at home with two married, heterosexual parents in their first marriage, new research has revealed. The figures reveal the ever-changing make-up of the family structure. In the 1960’s, 73 per cent of children had what is considered a traditional family structure but by 1980 that figure had dropped to 61 per cent. The figures were compiled by the Pew Research Center who analysed recently-released American Community Survey and Decennial Census data. The changing structure of the American family, has altered the image of who is likely to gather around the table during the holidays.  Previously, couples married young before starting a family, and stayed together. However, the figures show American households are become more complex, and far less traditional.  Americans are getting married later in life, or not at all. And the share of children born outside of marriage has jumped to 41 per cent, compared to just 5 per cent in 1960. More