annise-parker-houstonA ruling is expected as early as Monday in the latest battle in Houston’s war against several pastors who fought an “equal rights” ordinance that grants privileges to transgenders across the city.  A spokesman for the U.S. Pastor Council in Houston, whose members have been involved in the fight, said a judge heard arguments from the city on Friday on its requests that the court deny the pastors a jury decision, and also assign a “special master” to the case. The judge said a ruling would be coming early in the week, possibly as early as Monday. WND had reported only a day earlier when Houston, which created a firestorm of controversy by issuing subpoenas for copies of pastors’ sermons in the case over a transgender “rights” ordinance, claimed the pastors have no right to a jury trial and said it wanted a hand-picked “special master” to review the evidence. The dispute centers on tens of thousands of signatures collected on petitions to overturn the city’s “equal rights” ordinance adopted under the direction of lesbian mayor Annise Parker. Church members and pastors were outraged, and they collected the signatures to reverse the decision. More