saudiWhile the whole world was witnessing the dreadful terrorist attacks in France and the consequent 3.7 million march against terrorism, the Middle East witnessed an event that is in its significance is no less important or serious, if it is to be compared to the slaughter of journalists from Charlie Hebdo in the heart of Paris, the journal that had previously published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. As for the events in Paris one yet has to established what has really happened. The list of odd facts is quite impressive: why the professionally trained terrorists left their documents in a car; how did the police forces manage to find them so surprisingly fast; why there was no attempts made to take them alive, instead the terrorists with killed by security forces, even though they could have arrested them by using special flash grenades. And the list goes on, since an abettor of the terrorists fled France and somehow managed to travel to Syria through Spain and Turkey; while a French police commissioner, who led the investigation, for no apparent reason took his life (or was he killed?) And while the world’s media focused on the events of Charlie Hebdo tragedy, it has simply ignored the terrorist attacks in the Middle East. Moreover, this very attacked has highlighted a major shift in the situation in the region, putting the primary strategic partner of the US in the Arab world – Saudi Arabia at risk. And here’s why. More