640x392_841_223999Iran has produced an intercontinental ballistic missile — an act that poses a threat to the United States due to its expanded range, according to a report. The Jerusalem Post reports that Iran has a missile measuring 27 meters in length (88.5 feet) on a launch pad just outside its capital city of Tehran. The missile had never before been seen in public, reports the Post. “The missile and the launch pad indicate that Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is an integral part of its nuclear weapons program, is moving forward at full throttle,” the Post writes.  “The expanded range of Iran’s ballistic missile program as indicated by the satellite imagery makes clear that its nuclear weapons program is not merely a threat to Israel, or to Israel and Europe. It is a direct threat to the United States, as well,” according to the newspaper. Iran has been steadily improving its ballistic missile capabilities, despite ongoing talks between the Obama administration and Tehran to keep the country from acquiring nuclear weapons. Tehran insists that its nuclear enrichment program is for domestic use only, and wants sanctions imposed on it by the West lifted. The administration favors the lifting of sanctions in return for a deal. But the advancements are clearly ongoing, and worrying. In March, the Iranian defense ministry ceremoniously paraded eight anti-ship ballistic missiles, known as the Khalij Fars, before handing them over to the country’s military. More