mike_huckabeeMike Huckabee was interviewed about his new book and his outlook on the culture wars but in the process dropped a strong hint about his plans for the 2016 presidential race.   There’s a good bet he won’t be watching from the sidelines. Huckabee, in a 6-minute interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s chief political correspondent David Brody, talked about the Christian worldview with regard to issues like same-sex marriage. In doing so, he showed why many consider him a formidable candidate with front-runner potential while at the same time displaying why others in the GOP see him as a liability. Huckabee announced Jan. 5 he will be leaving Fox News so he can take time to seriously contemplate a run for the presidency. In Thursday’s interview he drew heavily on the themes of his book, “God, Guns and Gravy,” in marking the distinction between those with a progressive, secular mindset and those who see the world through the lens of Judeo-Christian values. The former Arkansas governor and Baptist minister told Brody he still lives in the South, on the Gulf Coast, and prefers to keep it that way, even though he became a media star for Fox News over the past six and half years. More