Immigration-ChurchMany of our so called modern revivals are happy but shallow. This is of deep concern to me for I am not seeing the old anointings any more. My heart grieves especially for the young people who have never witnessed the real power of God. Honestly, some things I see today are appalling. That old teaching that we are free from the Law has raised its ugly head again. Certainly, we are free from the Law written on stone, but we are not free from the Law that is written in our hearts. In a time when repentance is needed the most, we have teachings sweeping the land that tell Christians they don’t need to repent. In a day when there is a deplorable lack of holiness in the church, we are being told that we are already holy enough through Christ’s sacrifice (2 Cor. 7:1). In an hour when we sadly lack God’s power, we are oversaturated with church conferences that focus on numbers. Whatever it takes to grow numbers seems to be the cry of every powerless pastor. Call me old school if you want to, but I see far too much irreverence, levity, frivolous behavior, an obvious lack of holiness and sanctification, and a far too easy backsliding in the modern church, which frankly is coming from hearing another gospel. More