Green_Comet_Lovejoy_Keeps_Wowing-aa86c4e2dc31123159a86819f25d03d9Amateur astronomers and astrophotographers around the globe have been keeping their eyes on the distinctly green glow of Comet Lovejoy, a cosmic object discovered last year that continues to amaze in telescope views. New images (and a short movie) of Comet Lovejoy as it makes a close pass by the Earth. On Jan. 10, amateur astronomer Steve Siedentop took a series of 100 images of Comet C/2014 Q2, also known as Comet Lovejoy, as it passed over Grayson, Georgia. Siedentop then compiled the images into an aweseom time-lapse video of Comet Lovejoy showing the icy wanderer move across the night sky. While Lovejoy appears to be moving rather quickly in the video, the images were taken over a 2-hour time span, between 11 p.m. EST (0400 GMT) and 1 a.m. EST (0600 GMT). To capture the images, Siedentop used a Meade Series 5000 80mm triplet APO and a Canon T2i camera using BackyardEOS. [Spectacular Photos of the Green Comet Lovejoy] Siedentop isn’t the only stargazer to cast his gaze up at Comet Lovejoy. The UK-based astronomer Nick Howes snapped an incredible shot of the Comet Lovejoy streaking across the sky. The image shows the comet wrapped in a brilliant green cloud of gas, with a wispy blue and purple tail trailing behind. Howes told that he took the image using the remotely operated Siding Spring Observatory in Australia and obtained via the Tzec Maun Network. More