B8WuvPFIgAAnUKVWeather forecasters are apologizing for over-exaggerating what was just two days ago being predicted to be the “worst ever” blizzard to hit the eastern US, and yet we’re simultaneously supposed to believe 100-year climate models that purport to show the earth being devastated by global warming. After Governors in six states declared emergencies, with some threatening to order police to arrest anyone who drove during the snowstorm, the blizzard turned out to be a great deal more benign than the doomsday headlines just 24 hours before had billed it. The “snowmaggedon” that was forecast by meteorologists to top 2006′s record of 26.9 inches of snow in New York City failed to materialize, with about 6.3 inches of snow falling in Central Park by early Tuesday. The National Weather Service canceled its blizzard warning, with computer models up to 50 miles out on where the storm actually landed. Weather forecasters began to make their apologies, with Gary Szatkowski, tweeting, “My deepest apologies to many key decision-makers and so many members of the general public.” “For much of New Jersey, and for the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, this is a big forecast miss,” he later acknowledged. More