801035-60e23fb6-95e6-11e4-9bd9-740a91fb6db7CARS are no longer just four wheels and an engine that get us from A to B. With cars that drive themselves, stop us from crashing, and even search for available car parks, they’re sounding more like science fiction. But according to the big manufacturers at CES, this is the future. Ford made its biggest announcement with car technology last month when it unveiled its Sync 3 in car entertainment and communication system. It gave us another look at CES, showing an improved smartphone like touchscreen, better voice recognition, a much better user interface and Siri integration for iPhone users. Interestingly, the company also showed off plans for a new service that would actually stop people from buying new cars. Some of these plans include a Ford owned rental system similar to GoGet, an Uber X like service, and in places like India a service where you can split ownership of a car with several other people. More