3456573.siTurkish government has authorized the construction of a new church in the country. It will be the country’s first non-Muslim temple built from scratch since 1923. The government vowed to provide land for a new Christian church for Syriac community, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Friday in Istanbul at the meeting with representatives of non-Muslim communities. The church will be erected in Yesilkoy, Istanbul suburb, on the shore of the Marmara Sea. The place already has temples for other Christian minorities – Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Catholic churches. “It is the first since the creation of the republic,” a government official told AFP. “Churches have been restored and reopened to the public, but no new church has been built until now.” However, the government will not pay for construction. It will be paid by the Syriac group itself. Syriacs are ethnic and religious minority whose number is less than 20,000 mostly live the southeast of the country and tend to be attending either Orthodox or Catholic churches. Their population has grown in the past years due to numerous Syriac refugees from Iraq and Syria. More