u-k-classroomPlans for a first-of-its-kind “gay school” in Britain seeking to carter to LGBT students have been criticized by some politicians who’ve spoken out against this kind of segregation. “This idea does nothing but foster division. At a time that successive governments have closed all but a few special schools, why this sudden exception, if not for reasons of political correctness?” asked UKIP deputy leader and education spokesman, Paul Nuttall, according to the Daily Mail.  “Integration is the key to understanding, and it is utterly bizarre to be taking a step that highlights differences and adds nothing of value to a child’s education.” The group pushing for the plan, LGBT Youth North West, is advocating for a school in Manchester that will have 40 permanent places for gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender students.  The charity’s director, Amelia Lee, has said that the school is needed, because in some cases homophobic bullying leads to suicide. Lee pointed to a story from December where a 14-year-old teenager committed suicide over fears of coming out as gay to her Christian parents. Tory MP and former education minister Tim Loughton also spoke out against bullying, the Telegraph reported, but said that segregating pupils cannot help with better engagement and understanding. More