Jeb BushHas Jeb Bush offered the Republican Party a new way to talk about same-sex marriage? Fred Sainz thinks he has. Sainz grew up two doors down from Bush in Coral Gables, Fla., and counts the former Florida governor as an early mentor who got Sainz a job working for Bush’s father in the White House. But Sainz left the GOP in 2004 after George W. Bush, Bush’s brother, railed against same-sex marriage in his reelection campaign. Sainz, now a leader of the gay rights movement as a vice president of the Human Rights Campaign, sees an important evolution in the likely 2016 presidential candidate. In 1994, Jeb Bush argued that gay men and lesbians did not deserve special legal protection and said that “sodomy” should not be “elevated to the same constitutional status as race and religion.” But this week, Bush said people should accept court rulings that legalize same-sex marriage and “show respect” for gays in committed relationships, while reiterating his long-held belief that “marriage is a sacrament.” More