Islamic-flag-reuters-by-Murad-SezerMark Christian, president and executive director of the Global Faith Institute—and the son and nephew of high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt—is a champion of the Christian faith. And this champion, who converted to Christianity about a decade ago, is calling on Americans to wake up to Islamic extremism. Christian has penned an open letter to Americans, spelling out the ideology of radical Islam. Here is the text of the letter: The circumstances we face are dire and we have no coherent way of addressing it until we establish the stark, bright line between Muslims who are willing to respect the religious liberty of others (which must absolutely require the abandonment of vengeance over insults, perceived or real) and those who count us as so many cattle, ripe for slaughter and easily led. Our society can no longer afford to self-censor when it comes to the “hair trigger” that is Islam. Muslims of the former type I described above may be offended, and for this I am sympathetic; but Muslims of the latter type will become enraged and will reveal to all the depth of their incompatibility with civilized society. This is my aim: to force these Muslims to expose their unacceptable radicalism for all to see, but also to reach a self-realization of the depravity of that radicalism that exists within themselves. More