Part-PAR-Par8084586-1-1-0European Union leaders on Tuesday threatened new sanctions against Russia over a bloody offensive by pro-Kremlin Ukrainian rebels, the latest bid to pressure a defiant President Vladimir Putin. The decision came a day after Standard and Poor’s downgraded Russia’s foreign currency rating to junk because of its eroding economic health, weakened by a wave of Western financial restrictions last year and the plunging price of its oil exports. The downgrade put still more pressure on Russia’s depreciating ruble. But the Western moves so far appear to have done little to change Putin’s approach to the conflict in Ukraine or dent his massive approval ratings at home. With the death toll climbing in Ukraine’s separatist east and rebels refusing to return to the negotiating table, the 28 EU leaders tasked their foreign ministers with considering tough new measures when they meet on the crisis on Thursday. Their rare joint statement voiced concern over what they said was Russian support for the rebels, who have made recent gains and are suspected of targeting the strategic port city of Mariupol in a weekend rocket attack that killed 30 people. More