EU government votes to allow GMO bans across Europe After much ballyhooing about what the law would end up entailing for the future of biotechnology in Europe, the European Parliament has decided to pass a resolution allowing individual EU member states the freedom to “opt out” of any potential future approvals for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) if they should decide that the crops will interfere with their own environmental, socioeconomic, planning and farming goals. The provision, which received harsh criticism from both sides of the issue, will allow for individual member states to sidestep any future parliamentary GMO approvals and make their own autonomous agriculture decisions — you know, like they used to do before the EU was established. At the same time, some are calling the ruling a “Trojan horse” for biotechnology companies to gain further inroads into a continent that overwhelmingly opposes having its food crops hijacked by chemical companies. “Despite a majority of EU member states and citizens being consistently opposed to GMOs, the real purpose of this new scheme is to make it easier to wave through EU authorizations of GMO crops,” stated Bart Staes, a Green Party MEP and spokesman for food safety, as reported by Common Dreams. More