INTO THE WOODSI must simply be too old to enjoy the new fantasy musical in movie theaters “Into the Woods.” Even though I’m only 40, technically a member of “Generation X,” I just never bought into the philosophies of postmodernism that my generation made dogmatic.  And make no mistake, “Into the Woods” is a thoroughly postmodern musical. The film is divided into two very distinct halves, the first being a mash-up of familiar fairy-tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Jack (of beanstalk fame), who are cleverly brought together in the “woods,” where a baker and his wife must nab an item from each in order to make a potion that will break a witch’s curse. After a bland and somewhat disjointed first act in which no real protagonist develops and the drama never really takes off, the film – it seems – comes to a predictable close. But that’s just the first act. Halfway through, “Into the Woods” takes an abrupt and startling turn into a darker tale that suddenly introduces death, blame-shifting, temptation, adultery and more. More