28310291.sfIt’s now surprise the flu has hit Northeast Wisconsin. “We actually went through more Tamiflu the first two weeks of the flu season this year than we did all of last winter,” explained Smith Pharmacy owner, Nic Smith. Tamiflu seems to be the drug of choice after the flu virus mutated into a new strain that’s not protected by the vaccine. “We ran out last Saturday and I called several pharmacies and nobody had it,” said Smith. Cases are up by the hundreds.  Last year at this time HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital  had 14 confirmed patients with the flu, but now the hospital reports 155.  At HSHS St. Vincent’s Hospital there are 201 cases confirmed, up from just 33 last year. This is the most busy I’ve seen a flu season in at least 4 or 5 years,” said Dr. Al Salmi with HSHS St. Vincent’s Hospital. With so many people getting the flu, doctors are now offering remedies to help people cope with the disease, trying to save the medicine for high risk patients. More