Supermarket-Empty-ShelvesEvery once in a while I suddenly remember there are still people who watch the mainstream news and actually believe the lies. As all of us who are truly informed via the independent media fully realize, those people are hopelessly beyond reach. After all, they still think chemotherapy prevents cancer, flu vaccines prevent the flu and that government police state surveillance is awesome because it makes society safer. There are still people who think the national debt doesn’t matter, too, and because of that faulty faith in fiat currency, they will of course be caught totally unprepared when the U.S. dollar eventually collapses. Although no one can predict when it’s going to happen, the certainty of the collapse of the dollar is inescapable. And when it does collapse, things are going to be so bad for the average CNN watcher that they will be absolutely clueless about what to do or where to turn.  An instructive example of all this is taking place right now in Venezuela, where plummeting oil prices have caused a currency crisis that’s gutting store shelves and causing nationwide shortages of food and supplies. More