cameron_3038076iIn a meeting, the Top Priest claimed that he would certainly be “delighted” if the nationwide in-or-out survey could be held earlier than his structured deadline at the end of 2017. His offer – one more substantial leap onward for the Daily Express’s campaign for the UK to cut associations with Capital – was being viewed at Westminster tonight as an attempt to woo citizens tempted to assist the UK Freedom Celebration at this year’s general election. However he also cautioned that Tory Cupboard priests might be sacked for marketing in favour of an EU exit. Mr Cameron’s mean a very early EU referendum came in a meeting on the BBC1 Andrew Marr Show today. Expanding on his guarantee to work out a far better deal for Britain in the European Union and put the result in the electorate, he said: “The mandate needs to take area just before completion of 2017. “If we could possibly do that earlier, I would be pleased. The earlier I could provide on this dedication of a renegotiation and also a mandate – the earlier I can supply on that particular the far better.” More