Doctor-Chemotherapy-Drug-BagWhen it comes to medical authorities, human rights no longer exist, especially if you are under the age of 18. Competent young people with informed objection to medical advice no longer have a choice or say over what is forcibly pumped into their bodies. Their parents have no say in what happens to their child anymore either. State departments threaten to take adolescents away from parents if they do not force their child to comply with medical treatment dictates. If a state-licensed doctor makes a cancer diagnosis on a 17-year-old, they will require specific treatment, chemotherapy and/or radiation. They give no other options and force the “treatments” even though it is not their body or their property to own and control. On top of that, both methods of cancer suppression management are toxic to patients’ bodies, and the general population is waking up to this fact, but if a parent or the adolescent disagrees with the medical authority, it doesn’t matter what they know — they are forced to succumb anyway. More