African-missionariesChurch of God leaders, including all five members of the Executive Committee, gathered in the World Missions board room for the formal announcement of an intentional focus on Church of God missionaries. Spanning now till its culmination at General Assembly 2016, the focus is entitled the “Year of the Missionary,” and will benefit the individuals, couples and families who are “career” missionaries representing the Church of God around the globe. Director of Church of God World Missions, Tim Hill, addresses the gathering at the announcement of the ‘Year of the Missionary’ program.  “Missionaries are ‘sent ones,’ called by God and sent by local congregations,” stated World Missions General Director Tim Hill. “Their calling is to peoples or areas of the world, as well as to the people who team with them in prayerful and financial support.” Hill announced that the plan is part of the Marcelly’s Dream Initiative of Church of God World Missions. More