IAEA review mission members examine recovery work at TEPCO's No.4 reactor building at the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power PlantChina is expected to start building at least five nuclear reactors in 2015 while facing a further delay at a plant that had been slated to start this year. The Sanmen project in the eastern province of Zhejiang is expected to come online at the beginning of 2016 after problems were found in the main pump during testing, said Wang Zhongtang, chief engineer of China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. The Westinghouse Electric Co.-designed plant is the world’s first AP1000 reactor. China plans to expand atomic capacity threefold by 2020 in a renewed nuclear push after the country stopped approving new projects following the Fukushima meltdown in Japan in March 2011. The country’s reactor-building program is now the world’s most ambitious, according to the International Energy Agency. The five projects represent more than 5 gigawatts of capacity, Shen Lixin, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Nuclear Society, said in Beijing today. China will probably keep up the pace of construction next year, said Shen, whose organization acts as a liaison between the government and academics. More