Cold-weather-homeless-man-Denver-jpgYou know it’s going to be bad when 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius) will be the high temperature. But that’s what parts of Minnesota will experience this week. And plenty of others will be freezing as well. “We’re looking at 50 million people in 24 states that are going to see some of the coldest weather over the next several days that we have seen in quite some time,” CNN meteorologist Karen Maginnis said. Here’s what to expect across the country:  If you want to know what 50 below zero (-45 degrees Celsius) feels like, just go to northern Wisconsin or Minnesota on Monday. Wind chills will dip to negative 25 to 50 (-32 to -45 degrees Celsius) there and in parts of North Dakota. “This arctic cold is potentially deadly and dangerous,” Maginnis said. “And a second blast of cold air will reinforce the deep freeze on Tuesday.” More