Sam-BartonA man who was given a free nose job on the National Health Service, then threatened to sue it because he was unhappy with the result, has announced his bankruptcy. Sam Barton from Sutton Coldfield, in Birmingham blew a total of £100,000 on himself but still demanded the NHS spend even more. Mr Barton who is 22-years-old claims to be Britain’s vainest man, and says he wants to emulate his idol Joey Essex from TV show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. Last year he was given a taxpayer funded £5,000 nose job, but was unhappy with the results so threatened to sue the NHS. He hoped to secure £25,000 in compensation, meaning the taxpayer would have shelled out £30,000 plus any legal fees as a result of his desire to improve his nose. At the time the Daily Mail reported NHS Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group who funded the operation were simultaneously refusing to treat 5-year-old cancer patient Kelli Smith. By refusing to paid for treatment for Smith, they were effectively signing her death warrant, as her parents had no means to raise the funds needed for her treatment. More