mayorWhen the mayor of a small Kentucky city received a form letter from an activist group in December warning municipalities against erecting nativity scenes on public property, he was perturbed — so much so that he decided to take action.  Andrew H. Scott, mayor of Coal Run, Kentucky, was so bothered by the text of the letter, which came from an unnamed church-state separatist group, that he told TheBlaze he instantly tossed it into the trash. In fact, he disposed of it so quickly that he can’t definitively recall which organization sent it, though the sentiment stuck with him. “I received a letter at some point close to Christmas … It was regarding a case, I believe, in Franklin County, Indiana, where the ACLU had filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation,” he said, referencing a well-publicized battle over an annual nativity tradition in Brookville, Indiana. “And, basically, the letter cautioned against putting any type of nativity display anywhere on city property.” Scott felt that the group was attempting to bully political leaders into refusing to display nativities at Christmastime and, considering that Coal Run didn’t have a creche up at the time, he said the note had the opposite of its intended effect on him. More