Japanese-Couple-AK_3170525bSome new numbers released by the Japan Family Planning Association show why that country is worried about a declining birth rate. The study found that about 50 percent of people there are not having sex.  Of the 3,000 adults, male and female, interviewed for the purposes of this study, 49.3 said they had not made love, copulated, had sexual congress, screwed, done the nasty, however you want to phrase it, in the past month. These numbers are up 5 percent from the last time a similar study was conducted in 2012. Broken down, the study found that 50.1 percent of women respondents said they had not had sex in the past month, while 48.3 percent of the men had not had sex in the previous month. Among married persons, 44.6 percent said they’d abstained for a month. The biggest reason for the men? Too tired after returning from work — 21.3 of them said that. Another 15.7 percent said their interest in sex had dropped off following their wives pregnancies and the birth of a child. For women, 17.8 percent gave their reason for not having sex in over a month to being tired from work, while an alarming 23.8 percent of them simply said that sex was “bothersome.” More