Billy-Graham-My-Hope-HeavenThough he’s 96, Billy Graham still has his wits about him, his son told NBC recently. “He’s very weak,” Franklin Graham tells NBC. “He’s 96 years of age, so he doesn’t have a lot of stamina and he doesn’t carry on long conversations, but his mind is still clear and we’re thankful for that. … I’m just grateful that God has given him this much health and that he’s still with us.” That hasn’t stopped the evangelist from fulfilling his heart’s desires, though, by praying for the lost. “He’s not yet lost focus on the gospel and reaching people for Christ,” says his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, to Premier. “My father is a very humble man, and I think that comes from his walk with God.” Billy Graham shot to fame in the mid-20th century, launching crusades that have led millions of people to Christ, including famed Olympian Louis Zamperini. He’s one of the most influential people in the world, making Gallup’s list of Most-Admired People a record 58 times. Charisma