marblebarA town in the Western Australian outback, Marble Bar, has seen temperatures soar to almost record-breaking heat. The town, with a population in the low hundreds, was forecast to swelter through a whopping 49 degrees Celsius (120.2 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). By 1:30 p.m., Marble Bar had reached a high of 48.4 degrees Celsius. At 2:30 p.m. local time, the mercury dropped a measly 0.1 degrees to 48.3 degrees Celsius, while by 4 p.m. it had only slid to 48.2 degrees Celsius.  The record temperature at Marble Bar, in the inland Pilbara district, was in 1922, when the mercury hit 49.2°C, according to the BOM. It also holds the world record for the most consecutive days above 37.8 degrees Celsius — from Oct. 31, 1923 to April 7, 1924. That is a total of 160 sizzling days.

The hot weather isn’t new to the town folk out here. The manager of Marble Bar’s Iron Clad Hotel, Thomas Fox, told Fairfax Media this is just a normal day and he wouldn’t be expecting his customer base to surge, but rather just to be the same old regulars. “We expect the same amount of people, I can pretty much give you all the names of the people that’ll be here this afternoon,” he said. “It’s Marble Bar, it’s hot all the time, 44-45 degrees is run-of-the-mill.” While the rest of the world freaks out about those kind of numbers, the residents of Marble Bar know better. There is a 30% chance that rain will come tonight, but even if it does, it will no doubt be another scorcher tomorrow. More