iphone-5s-touch-id-fingerprint-sensor-1-1Apple is considering storing customers’ biometric data in the cloud to enable next-generation payment methods, according to new patent application found by Apple Insider. The application relates to “finger biometric sensor data synchronisation via a cloud computing device and related methods,” with one potential implementation being to authorise a “financial transaction.” Simply put, this means Apple is considering using its cloud hosting service iCloud to store customers’ fingerprints, so they can be synced to other devices when required — such as to pay for a purchase. Touch ID is the name of Apple’s biometric verification tool. It was introduced with the iPhone 5S as a security device. Users can press their fingerprint on the home button on their iPhone to unlock it, verify their identity, or make purchases via Apple Pay. Apple has previously emphasised the security measures used for securing Touch ID biometric data, including encrypting and storing it in a “Secure Enclave” on the A7 chip. “Other apps never access your fingerprint data,” their website says. “It’s never stored on Apple servers, and it’s never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else.” More