8b3ac379-a3df-47f7-b6b2-589a25e48fcd-620x372Three terrorists murdered 10 magazine workers and two police officers in Paris on Wednesday after the publication satirized Islam, prompting French officials to raise the country’s terror alert to the highest level. Soon after, President Francois Hollande further confirmed that several planned terrorist attacks had been foiled by security forces in recent weeks. With a manhunt underway to capture the terrorists, it remains unclear whether they acted alone — like Man Haron Monis, who killed two hostages in Sydney, Australia on Dec. 15 — or were carrying out the directives of a larger group such as ISIS or al-Qaida. Days after the lone wolf attack in Sydney, the U.S. State Department issued a Worldwide Travel Alert that, in addition to describing potential safety threats for those abroad, listed potential terrorist targets within U.S. borders. It was the State Department’s second such statement in a three-month window. More